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yesmanatee's Journal

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On March 27th, 2003, the most -to the limit- band ever was created! We were just crunkin', drinkin', smokin, snortin' like it was how we made our living, when we had the idea to commodify the manatee's aspect and our love for them, by boshing a way deck band!

So JOIN our freaking community EVERYBODY!! pop it twist it, put your thing down, flip it and reverse it!!! You'll love us like a fat kid loves cake!!!! And we'll love you, and you'll love us for lovin you, 'cause none of us got enough love in our childhoods, and that's show business!!

From my lifeless teet, you sucked the very business we call "show"!!!

I get along by doing odd-jobs, mostly the jobs we call "blow".

Meet the Players:

Guitar and Voice! camasin
Muffy enjoys tapping asses and lesbian pulp fiction. Sea Cows have been a constant source of joy and happiness for her, since the accident. She is a first-year at Sarah Lawrence College. Do you like stuff? She made that possible!!! AOL IM: ilikefruit

Vox! moonlit
Look out, ladies! There is 1 thing you should know about Bif before anything else: she can beat u up. No, really, kick yr azz. She brings that same ferocity to her rip-roaring vocal stylings. This "little miss" has only 1 soft spot on her tuff beef-jerky heart, a spot occupied by her manatee-luv. And Jesus. Him, too.